Saturday, April 24, 2010

Creating Wellness Final Project

The unit nine project is an opportunity for you to create a plan that applies concepts you have learned regarding holistic/integral health. The plan is created to foster growth and health spiritually, physically, and psychologically in your personal life. Complete each of the five sections below and post the project in your blog, also submit it as a single Word document in your drop box. I Introduction: Why is it important for health and wellness professionals to develop psychologically, spiritually and physically? What areas do you need to develop to achieve the goals you have for yourself?II Assessment:How have you assessed your health in each domain? How do you score your wellness spiritually, physically, and psychologically?III Goal development:List at least one goal you have for yourself in each area, Physical, Psychological (mental health) and Spiritual. IV Practices for personal health:What strategies can you implement to foster growth in each of the following domains; Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual. Provide at least two examples of exercises or practices in each domain. Explain how you will implement each example. V Commitment:How will you assess your progress or lack of progress in the next six months? What strategies can you use to assist in maintaining your long-term practices for health and wellness?

I. It is important for health and wellness professionals to develop psychologically because our minds are the center point for so many different aspects of our lives, In other words, if our minds are not functioning properly or normally then the rest of our body is sure to follow. I am a strong believer in the saying “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” and if we don’t feed our minds, they would die; our minds must have the proper nourishment for growth and effective functioning. As health and wellness professionals if we allow ourselves to develop psychologically then our patients and clients would feel a sense of security in revealing their personal concerns to us; knowing that they would probably get a strong, reliable, mature, and stable answer. It is important for health and wellness professionals to develop spiritually because the journey of spiritual growth is a journey of getting to know and experience who we really are in a spiritual form. “Spirituality forms when we bring the personality and the soul together in harmony” (Bruner, 2010) Spirituality at its greatest can help alleviate unwanted stress and help us to have a higher self-esteem as well as provide us a better overall outlook on life. I, myself would definitely want a health and wellness professional to have a strong spiritual background because I feel it would help me if that person could connect with me on a spiritual level and experience the things that I might be experiencing at that particular point in time from a spiritual point of view. I really believe in the power of prayer. It is important for health and wellness professionals to develop physically because physical development involves the use of our motor skills and our limbs; such as our arms, legs, and the rest of our body. It also involves exercise and physical activities such as: running, walking, jogging, and climbing. We all have heard “it is so important to be in good physical condition, and exercising is very important” for so many different reasons. Being in good physical condition consists of being able to do the ADL (Activities of Daily Living) without aches, pains, and feeling fatigue, and short of breath. It is so important to “practice what we preach” and that is why I feel that it is important for health and wellness professionals to have a strong physical development both inside and out. The area that I mostly need to develop to achieve the goals that I have for myself would be in the area of “physical development” I definitely need to exercise more and maybe even loose a few pounds; 10-15 at the most. I believe that if I did so I would feel even better about myself physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

II. After assessing myself in each domain; I score myself spiritually as a 10, I score myself physically as a 5, and I score myself psychologically as a 10. I feel that I grow spiritually each and every day by exercising my “FAITH” and walking with JESUS, I feel that I have grown so much psychologically just based on the hardships that I have encountered in my personal life that are too touchy to even name and I feel that my physical development needs a lot more work; starting with exercising more.

III. The goal that I have for myself physically; would be to get into an exercise routine and maintain it. The goal that I have for myself spiritually; would be to read my bible more. The goal that I have for myself mentally; would be to meditate more.

IV. Physically I could walk more instead of taking the elevators and park farther away from the grocery store and increase my walking instead of trying to always find the closet parking sport to the store. Psychologically I could find a quiet place in my house when my child is asleep and meditate for about 30-45 minutes once or twice a week. I could also turn the television off more in the afternoons and just sit in silence for about 15-20 minutes. Spiritually I could use my time wisely such as: while sitting under the hair dryer; read my bible instead of doing nothing, or while waiting on my car to get repaired I could be reading something spiritual.

V. I can assess my progress in the next six months by keeping a journal starting with today’s activities. The strategies that I can use to assist in maintaining my long-term practices for health and wellness include: taking one day at a time, planning big but take small steps to get there, and keep pushing no matter how hard it gets.


Bruner, K.D. (2010) Spiritual Growth Tips/Spiritual Guidance. Retrieved April 24, 2010 from


  1. Hi Mary,

    I enjoyed reading your blog for this unit and all the goals you mentioned. I was smiling when I read you scored yourself as a '10' for both spiritual and psychological. That's wonderful that you feel you have met your needs and scored high. Not everyone can feel or say that about themselves because we all know where we need work. As far as your physical assessment, I believe many of us need help in this area and scored low. It takes a lot of work to stay motivated and stick to a challenging workout that can cause our body to ache as we go through some of the moves, but the results are well worth it in the end. I had to chuckle when I read what you wrote about parking the car further away from the store because my husband does this to me all the time. He told me this is a good way for me to lose weight and some times I he drives me crazy when we go out in a snow storm or a very cold night and he has me walk across the whole parking lot to get to the store. He gets pleasure out of this while I get angry with him, but he is doing this with good intention for the both of us. I know what he's saying but some times when the weather is really cold, I wish he would park closer to the store.
    Oh well!

    Best of luck to you with your physical assessments. I know you will reach your goal in no time. I have great faith in you!


  2. Hello Mary, My sister in Christ. I absolutely enjoyed everything you stated. I want all my close encounters to have a strong spiritual wellness and believe in the same God I believe in together we can flouish. I am feeling so more connected and can't wait to start my journey. i am able to spiritually disern a lot of feelings and emotions. i was telling one of my spiritual friends about how I was feling and It was awesone He felt the same way for me. I thank God for growing and learning. As I train in the mental I am also being trained in the spiritual. Have you ever heard of Dr. Cindy Trimm? I just graduated from her school of ministry!!!!! and I feel like I am on my way at last. Thank you for being here at this time You have been a blessing with your thoughtful sharing of the mind and feelings. Awesome a ten in psychological and spiritual You Go Girl!!!!