Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Unit 6 blog Creating Wellness

Instructions for the Assignment:
Complete the following and post in your blog:1. Practice the universal Loving Kindness (meditation) exercise on p. 93.2. Complete the Integral Assessment discussed in chapter 11 (p.115).3. Describe the exercise and assessment process. What did you discover about yourself? What area have you chosen to be a focus of growth and development? Why? What are some specific exercises or activities that you can implement to foster greater wellness in this area? 4. Participate in the Blogs of at least three other students. Provide them with feedback on their strategies for growth and wellness. (Would their exercises be beneficial for you? Why or Why not? Do you have any suggestions for them? Would their exercises work for your clientele? Why or why not? Etc.)
1. I felt a sense of closeness to this exercise because while I was practicing it I was at work sitting in my chemotherapy clinic surrounded by my cancer patients so this was the perfect environment for this type of practice because it not only involved me but foucused on them as well. It brought me a sense of sincerity, and a sense of compassion for my patients as well as a sense of peace and hope for myself knowing that I was doing something positive by wishing nothing but good upon other individuals as well as myself. Ididn't really discover anything new about myself but rather it only enforced the type of person I truly am and that is a "giver, inspirer, and a motivator. These are the areas that I plan to grow and develop in even more.

Exercises that could promote wellness would be yoga and pilates.
"To see another, acknowledge another, hear another, be present with another and feel one another- a lover, a partner, a friend, a stranger, and even an enemy is a profound healing gift for oneself and the world" (Dacher, 2006) I find this to be so true because sometimes when I think back at some of the hardships I endured in my personal life and I concentrate on them; they only make me stronger.
The line of development that is te most essential is just my overall weakness to fully understand that my life is very happy, joyful, and pleasurable, right now and to fully understand tht I am exactly where I am meant to be working, where I am meant to be driving the car I am driving, living in the apartment I am living in, and in the relationship that I am meant to be in.


  1. Hello there!! That is amazing that you had/have the opportunity to focus your thoughts on those who are in need. Your patients are blessed people to have you near them and in their lives. I am sure you make a huge difference in their life and their journey. Even though you said you did not learn anything new, you know that you want to grow even more stronger in your strengths and be able to stretch out a hand to anyone and everyone. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hello Mary, You are a very positive and motivated person. I felt the sam way about the lovingkindness practiced I felt empowered in knowing who i am. And you are such a blessing for your patients.
    keep on keeping on!!!
    Brenda A