Saturday, March 27, 2010

Creating Wellness Unit 5 Blog Discussion

The two assignments were alike because they both require us to use our imagination process. By using the subtle mind practices "we can attend to our inner exeperiences and begin to transform what is ordinary health into integral health" (Dacher, 2006) On the other hand, "by using the loving-kindness practices with anticipation and perserverance, our initial faith will turn into confidence and then into certainty."(Dacher, 2006) I enjoyed having experienced them both.I now believe I can live and lead a more sensible, grateful, and thankful life because of these exercises.
2.Spiritual Wellness is a personal matter involving values and beliefs that provide a purpose in our lives. Optimal physical wellness is developed through the combination of beneficial physical activity/exercise and healthy eating habits. In my opinion, I believe that mental wellness means being free of depression and living your life to the fullest. Some examples include: setting goals and acheiving them, not feeling guilty about past hurts and troubles, and not beating yourself over something that you expected to happen but didn't. The connection between the 3 are manifested in my personal life each and every day because although I am still learning about life itself I feel that I have came along way than what I use to be. I am learning how to minimize the stressors in my life by praying about everything; as well as love myself first, eat right, and remember to believe in myself even when no one else believes in me. I have came along way but I still have oh so far to go.


  1. Hello Mary,

    I agree with you about managing the stressors in one's life will help with their mental and physical well-being. To manage your stressors will allow you to maintain a better diet, exercise program, and spiritual state of mind.

    I often struggle with managing the stressors within my life--especially at this time when my husband is deployed. The added stressor I currently have is my 18 year old son is graduating from high school. So, now I must let go and release him into the world so that he may fly. How does a mother do this without feeling the stress of letting go? Not to mention upon graduating, his father will be here for only two weeks and return to his deployed location overseas. Not an easy transistion!

    I will definitely have to begin implementing breathing exercises and probably begin yoga. It is also a form of exercise and mediation.

    Thanks for your insight to this units practice to the subtle mind. You did awesome!

  2. Hi Mary,

    I like the way you wrote about "not beating yourself up over something you expected to happen". Good point and one that we tend to do regularly without even realizing that we are doing this to ourselves. This is where we can develop negative thoughts and inner pain, which is why we need to let go of these thoughts and heal ourselves by thinking postively.

    I also like what you said about developing healthy eating habits. There are times where I am craving cake and cookies and that is every day. I have to learn to eat healthier and try not to be so addicted to sugar. One way of doing this and to try and lose weight is by not only drinking more water but purchase candy that is sugar-free to trick the brain into thinking I am having something sweet to eat. It is amazing how we can trick the brain and train it to re-think. :) I like that about this exercise.

    Thank you for making me feel inspired and whole again. :)